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TTC Video - Native Peoples of.North America

TTC Video - Native Peoples of.North America

TTC Video - Native Peoples of North America
Size: 5.04 GB | Duration: 12 hours | Video: AVC (.mp4) 856x480 29.97fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Course No. 8131 | + PDF Guidebook
Genre: History | Language: English

History, for all its facts and figures, names and dates, is ultimately subjective. You learn the points of view your teachers provide, the perspectives that books offer, and the conclusions you draw yourself based on the facts you were given. Hearing different angles on historical events gives you a more insightful, more accurate, and more rewarding understanding of events - especially when a new viewpoint challenges the story you thought you knew.

Now, The Great Courses has partnered with Smithsonian to bring you a course that will greatly expand your understanding of American history. This course, Native Peoples of North America, pairs the unmatched resources and expertise of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian with the unparalleled knowledge of Professor Daniel M. Cobb of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to provide a multidisciplinary view of American history, revealing new perspectives on the historical and contemporary experiences of Indigenous peoples, and their significant impact on the history of our country. Professor Cobb brings his experience as an author and teacher to recount an absolutely fascinating, larger-than-life story across a timespan of more than 500 years.

This insightful and unique 24-lecture course is filled with images and rare artifacts from Smithsonian's famed collections, and informed by fascinating insights from Smithsonian historians. The National Museum of the American Indian, headquartered on the National Mall and visited by millions of Americans every year, is dedicated to the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of the Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere. Museum input into this course-both in helping to shape the riveting curriculum as allowing use of their spectacular collections-has allowed us create a truly engaging course that will thoroughly change your understanding of American history.

One of the first myths Professor Cobb dispels is the Eurocentric view of the "Old World" and the "New World." Noting that this terminology is the root of many narrow views, he proceeds to challenge stereotypical representations of American Indian history in each lecture. Many of the topics he shares will initially appear familiar until he presents the components and perspectives you were likely not taught.

Showcasing rare, historic artifacts and images from the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, National Anthropological Archives, National Portrait Gallery, American Art Museum and Smithsonian Institution Archives, every lecture of this fascinating course helps disprove myths and stereotypes that many people take as fact. Narrating along with these dazzling visuals, you'll hear Professor Cobb present a different account-or some new perspectives on-the Seven Years' War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, Cherokee removal, the Civil War, and the Indian Wars. You'll delve into the seemingly familiar story of Westward Expansion-the pioneer trails, the Gold Rush, the Transcontinental Railroad-to discover the stories of the American Indian people who fought and negotiated to preserve their ancestral lands.

Professor Cobb debunks many of the myths that you've taken as fact by providing the alternative side of the story:
* You'll learn that the impression many of us were given about European "discoverers" conquering and controlling the Native Americans was grossly exaggerated. Native Americans remained in positions of power from the beginning and through succeeding centuries.
* You'll hear the truth behind the many-times misinterpreted story of Pocahontas. She did not save John Smith's life, nor did she and John Smith fall in love (and it is unclear whether she fell in love with her colonial husband John Rolfe). Professor Cobb dismisses these fairy tale versions and provides the (much more interesting) true story behind this supposedly well-known Native American heroine.
* You'll explore how Native Americans viewed, participated in, and used the Revolutionary War to form strategic alliances. Thought to be simply a clash between colonists and the British, Native American nations pushed back against a peace treaty that didn't involve them in order to have a seat at the table.

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